The Role of Your Broker


    Support & Represent You

    Your broker's primary role is to seek the best insurance solutions for you.  They have your best interest in mind.  As an independent broker, they do not work for any one insurance company.  Rather, they have formed contractual relationships with multiple insurance carrier partners (including Edge Mutual) to offer their clients a variety of product choices.


    Expert Insurance Advice

    Every person or business has different insurance needs depending on the property and/or automobiles owned, or other risk exposures.  Brokers have the training and experience to help navigate through the process of identifying exposures and recommending the appropriate insurance coverage.


    Quotes From Insurers

    Your broker is familiar with the products available from different insurance carrier partners, and they have the tools to request and compare quotations from multiple carriers.  However, it should be noted that the lowest price may not necessarily provide the best coverage for your situation.  Your broker can explain the differences to help you make an informed choice.


    Find the Best Products for You

    Every insurance company has their own selection of insurance products to choose from.  Although there may be similarities between carriers, there are always important differences that may impact the amount of coverage you will have in the event of a claim.


    Policy Application Submission to Insurer(s)

    Completing an insurance application can be a long and complicated process.  Your broker will guide you through it by asking you for the relevant information the insurance company will need to issue the policy.


    Request Policy Updates or Changes on Your Behalf

    Maintaining the right insurance at all times is an important matter.  Sometimes people forget to buy insurance for expensive items they have upgraded or purchased.  Also, the relative value of insured items can also change over time.  Your broker can help you review your portfolio of insured items and request changes to your policy as they are needed.


    Claims Advocate

    Most people don't experience frequent loss, so when it happens to you, your insurance broker can provide valuable guidance and reassurance around next steps.  They can also advocate on your behalf to ensure your insurance claim is handled as efficiently as possible.


    Inform and Educate on Insurance Matters

    The best insurance brokers keep you informed on the world of insurance and things that may impact you.  They share information about new products, loss prevention, emergency response, regulatory changes, and changing economic trends that could affect you directly.

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