A Legacy of Protecting Communities
    Our Story

    Although the company name “Edge Mutual Insurance Company” has only been in use since 2015 (formerly known as Peel Maryborough Mutual Insurance Company), the company has a storied history that stretches over many generations.  It's a history built around protecting families and communities against the risk of substantial financial loss.  It's a rewarding history for those that have played a part in sustaining the mutual company, because the focus has always been about generating policyholder resiliency against financial hardship, not generating profit.

    How we started over 135 years ago

    On April 28, 1887, a number of farmers from Peel and Maryborough Townships met in the Temperance Hall in Drayton. The purpose of the meeting was to arrange for insuring their farm properties against losses due to fire and lightning.

    Out of this meeting, the Peel and Maryborough Mutual Fire Insurance Company was formed. The head office was established in Drayton with a fifteen-member board of directors. Initially, the company only insured properties in the named townships. At the first annual meeting the board was reduced to twelve and a decision was made to insure properties in areas adjacent to Peel and Maryborough.

    Over the years the company has greatly expanded its geographical area, coverages written, and risks assumed. Loss experience has varied from year to year, but the Peel Maryborough Mutual Insurance Company has always been financially secure and able to meet its obligations to its owners, the policyholders.

    In the initial years, the company conducted business from a rented premises. A building was purchased in 1902 and eventually a more modern office was built in 1979. The current, modern building was constructed in 1991 and despite a minor fire in 2001, has served the company well.

    The Changing Times

    Picture right is our 1896 Annual Report.  It was printed on a thick card stock and distributed by the Post Master.  Today we offer web-based services and our policyholders have the option to even pay by credit card online!

    What We Are Today

    Edge Mutual Insurance Company is located in a modern office facility at 103 Wellington Street South in Drayton, Ontario. An experienced staff of over 40 employees provides complete insurance service to our policyholders.  Written premiums are approaching $50 million.

    Edge Mutual provides financial security to our policyholders with current surplus levels approaching $34 million. A complete range of insurance products are provided through an independent broker network. Many of our Broker partners have been associated with us for a number of years. A knowledgeable management team administer the day to day functions of the Mutual under the guidance of a 9 person Board of Directors. The board consists of prominent farmers and business professionals elected and re-elected for three-year terms. Many of our board members have been policyholders for many years.

    We continue to develop leading products and innovative tools that are well suited to brokers serving the rural marketplace.

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