Peace-of-Mind Protection
    ATV's + Off Road

    Beginning July 1, 2015, the province is implementing new changes to ORV and ATV. These changes include:

    • Allowing more types of off-road vehicles (ORVs) and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) - including two-up ATVs, side-by-side ORVs and utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) - on the shoulder of public roads, where permitted
    • Mandating that all riders - including drivers and passengers of all ages - wear an approved motorcycle helmet and use a seatbelt or foot rests, where applicable
    • Children under the age of eight will not be allowed as a passenger on any ATV/ORV operating on-road
    • Limiting the number of passengers to the number of available seating positions
    • Requiring compliance labels on all ATVs/ORVs
    • Clarifying access and exemptions for farmers and trappers and for Far Northern Ontario municipalities

    For more information on these changes, click HERE.

    Smart Ride Safe Ride ATV/ORV Handbook

    The Smart Ride Safe Ride handbook outlines the rules and requirements for ATVs and ORVs. It will tell you:

    • where you can ride your ATV/ORV
    • who can drive an ATV/ORV in Ontario
    • the road rules you need to follow
    • how to be a safe and responsible ATV/ORV rider

    Read the Smart Ride Safe Ride handbook (PDF - 6.16 MB)