Peace-of-Mind Protection
    Regular Farm

    Edge Mutual has been protecting area communities for almost 125 years. In fact, many early pioneers of Ontario’s rural communities were the very same people involved in forming local mutual companies. With our grassroots knowledge of local farming, it’s not surprising that Edge Mutual has remained one of the leading sources of farm insurance protection in this province – generation after generation.

    We’ve watched the agricultural landscape change over the years. We know that choosing an insurance program is an important part of the success of any farming operation. With all the potential perils of agri-business, managing your risk with appropriate coverage is absolutely crucial.


    You need someone who thoroughly understands agri-business both on an operational level, and on a personal level. With Edge Mutual, you can have the peace of mind in knowing you’re placing your trust in organization that has remained rooted in the rural community.

    Our farm insurance program provides you with the option to insure many different kinds of property as well as offering various levels of coverage.

    Talk to your broker about insuring your:

    • Outbuildings
    • Machinery & Equipment
    • Produce, seed, and commercial feeds
    • Herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers
    • Livestock
    • Potential loss of income following an insured property loss
    • Allegations of liability arising out of your farm premises, products, or operation