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Specializing in coverage designed for homes in small towns or outside of city limits.  When you have other buildings, small machinery, or maybe even some animals to consider, ask your broker about the Country Living Program.

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Proudly protecting our innovative farmers with innovative products that make sense.  Our Performers line of all risk products for DAIRY, POULTRY, EQUINE and CASH CROP operations gives you the peace of mind that things won't fall through the cracks.

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You have an edge.  Reward yourself with savings when you insure at least one vehicle plus your home with Edge Mutual.  Whether it's driving to the office, to the next farm field, or getting the kids to soccer, making sure you have the protection you need to stay on the road has never been more important.

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There are thousands of small business success stories all across Ontario.  From small, family owned retail outlets that have been steadily serving the community for years, to home-based upstarts that reach around the globe by harnessing technology.

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Rooted in History

On April 28, 1887 a number of farmers from Peel and Maryborough Townships met in the Temperance Hall in Drayton. The purpose of the meeting was to arrange for insuring their farm properties against losses due to fire and lightning.

Out of this meeting, the Peel and Maryborough Mutual Fire Insurance Company was formed. The head office was established in Drayton with a fifteen member board of directors. Initially, the company only insured properties in the named townships. At the first annual meeting the board was reduced to twelve and a decision was made to insure properties in areas adjacent to Peel and Maryborough.

Over the years the company has greatly expanded its geographical area, coverages written and risks assumed. Loss experience has varied from year to year but the Peel Maryborough Mutual Insurance Company has always been financially secure and able to meet its obligations to its owners, the policyholders.

In the initial years, the company conducted business from a rented premises. A building was purchased in 1902 and eventually a more modern office was built in 1979. The current, modern building was contructed in 1991 and despite a minor fire in 2001, has served the company well.

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Happy Policyholders! 

Insurance is an investment in "peace of mind", and often something a lender requires you to have when owning a house.  It isn't the most fulfilling way to spend money - at least, not until an accident or weather event causes damage to your property.  That's the time you want to know you can count on your insurance company.  These "Customer Comments" come from the heart, and we're so pleased to have made a difference.

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$50,000 to Local Hospitals

For the second year in a row, Edge Mutual has made sizable donations to our local hospitals in Wellington County.  It is clear that these hospitals need continued support more than ever.

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Digital Pink Slips are Here!

Policyholders of Edge Mutual now have the option of ordering an electronic version of your Automobile Certificate of Liability (pink slip) that can be stored on phones with Android or IOS operating systems.  Paper copies will continue to be mailed as well.

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