LYNC Mission

    The mission of LYNC is to revitalize people and rural communities through equitable housing and social enterprise. As an organization they wish to meet the needs of their neighbours for equitable and affordable housing, food security, social isolation and environmental responsibility.

    Mill Block Community

    Above:  LYNC Director, Jeff Van Gyssel stands in front of the historic mill that will be renovated into living units.

    The New Hamburg Mill represents progress in our community. This historic property was built in 1905 and we are excited to keep many historical features while breathing new life into the building and surrounding area.

    The town of New Hamburg is strategically situated between St. Jacobs, Stratford, and Paris Ontario, all towns that are well known for their rural tourism. LYNC’s Mill redevelopment envisions multiple possibilities for the ground floor of the mill. Concepts in development include a commercial kitchen that can host community dinners, a food sustainability program that incorporates a community garden and teaches canning and cooking, as well as collaborative space for local services or social enterprises.

    These beautiful and thoughtfully planned spaces will increase community connections for an equitable housing community which will be situated on the 2nd & 3rd floors. The Mill is located in the downtown area of New Hamburg, the heart of the community and we are proud to be part of its continued renewal. The location is walkable to grocery stores, pharmacies, a hardware store, Dr. office’s, restaurants and shops.

    LYNC Communities